Get Involved

Our approach to providing the best in out of hospital care in Trafford is about working with local people. Co-producing how we work in partnership will lead to better health and better services and it is part of our approach from day one.

TLCO is committed to working in partnership with people who live in Trafford. That’s because health and wellbeing is about much more than just our core services. It’s about making the most of opportunities in the places people live. That is what we think will make the biggest difference in how we work.

Working with you might mean:

  • Opportunities to work together to design services at workshops and events (these may be virtual at the moment)
  • Attending community events
  • Making sure we’re aware of the assets in the local community – like local groups and societies you may be involved with
  • Taking part in surveys and giving your views so services are shaped around your needs
  • Giving you the opportunity to volunteer your time with us or community groups.

If you want to register to get involved or give us some useful information now, please email us at

As well as responding directly, we’ll also add you to our list for our regular newsletter if you want to receive it so you’re aware of what we’re doing.

Get Involved