Cancer Awareness in Trafford

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Early detection of cancer saves lives.

When it comes to cancer, there are 4 key signs to look out for.

Listen to Dr Hider (Trafford GP) tell you more:

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4 Key signs to look out for

If you notice any of these, make an appointment to see your doctor. Chances are it’s nothing serious, but if it is cancer, then finding it early makes it more treatable. Doctors in Trafford want you to tell them.

You should speak to a GP if you have any unexplained bleeding, that doesn’t come from an obvious injury, such as:

  • blood in your urine
  • vaginal bleeding between periods
  • vaginal bleeding a year or more after the menopause (postmenopausal bleeding)
  • bleeding from your bottom
  • blood when you cough
  • blood in your vomit

Speak to a GP if you notice a lump in your breast or if you have a lump that’s noticeably increasing in size elsewhere on your body.

It’s important to regularly check your breasts, underarms, groin and testicles for any new lumps or changes.

You should also speak to a GP if you’ve lost a lot of weight over the last couple of months that cannot be explained by changes to your diet, exercise or stress.

If you’ve noticed new, unexplained pain anywhere in your body that has persisted for 3 weeks or more, you should speak to your GP.

You’re not wasting anyone’s time by getting checked out. If it isn’t serious, your mind will be put at rest. But if it is cancer, early diagnosis can make all the difference. The sooner cancer is detected, the better the chances of successful treatment.

Dr Rebecca Connell (Trafford GP) explains the importance of making an appointment

Dr. James Hider
GP, Partington Family Practice

“It is really important if people have symptoms they are worried about, that they go and see their GP as soon as possible. We want to see you, and we do not think you are wasting our time. It is probably nothing serious, but when found early most cancers are easy to treat. Please do not carry the worry, come and see us!”

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