Orthoptics (Children’s)

We are a patient-centred service for children with vision /eye movement difficulties. We provide interventions that maximises the visual potential of each child personally, functionally, academically and socially.

We support any child up to 7 years old (and special needs children up to 19 years old) with a visual impairment

The eyes and brain are still learning to see until 7 years, so treatment including glasses wear, patching and exercises are carried out by the Orthoptists.

Families can access this service without a referral, but the service is only available to families registered with a Trafford GP.

Eligibility: Generally, children under 7,  but ocular motility issues up to 18, or young people with SEND up to 25.

All patients are discharged to a High Street Optometrist once treatment is complete the child/young person is able to access their services.

Contact information

Sale Waterside Centre
Sale Waterside
M33 7ZF

Phone: 0161 912 5120 or 07795 541 403

Opening hours

8:30am to 5pm dependent on day and clinic location.

Community clinics at Chapel Road, Delamere Centre, Limelight, Meadway, Partington, Woodsend,

Children’s Resource Centre – Trafford General Hospital

Vision Screening – All reception classes in Trafford

Special School Clinics – Delamere, Brentwood, Pictor, Orchards

Service Information

We are a patient-centred service for children with vision / eye movement difficulties.

How to refer

  • GP
  • Health professional
  • Social care professional

Phone: 0161 912 5120 or 07795 541 403

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