Community Care Navigators (Trafford & Manchester)

We are Community Care Navigators for Trafford and Manchester. Our team works across the city and borough’s hospitals and in the neighbourhoods of Trafford and Manchester to ensure that you are connected with the right local services available to you.

Do you know someone that is:

  • Socially isolated or lonely?
  • At risk of hospital re-admission?
  • Causing you worry?
  • Poorly connected in their community/neighbourhood?
  • Suitable for non-clinical intervention?
  • A resident or GP patient of Trafford or Manchester over 18 years old?

If so, please refer to the Community Care Navigators.

Care Navigators work with people to ensure they are connected with the right services available to them in your local neighbourhood. We work closely with NHS services, mental health services, GP’s, social services (council), housing associations, charities, voluntary groups, social enterprise organisations and other community resources to do this.

We help anyone who is 18 years old and above and who lives in Trafford or Manchester.

We understand that it can be difficult navigating your way through what is available in your local neighbourhood to help with any health or wellbeing issues. We will listen and liaise with you and our community colleagues to explore what you already have in place. We then identify any gaps in support and link you into these services. We then monitor to ensure these services have provided the support you require or if you need connecting further.

How long will I receive this service?

Once we have connected you with the appropriate services within your community our input will end. However, in some cases a care navigator may offer to contact you again in the near future to check that you still have appropriate support in place.

Contact information

If you would like to talk to a Care Navigator, please contact the Single Point of Access (SPA) team by phone or email:

We may discuss your needs with you over the phone or by email, in some cases we are able to visit you at home or within a local community setting.

Opening hours

Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.
Referrals can be made outside of these hours but will not be actioned until the next working day.

Service Information

Work with people to ensure they are connected with the right support services available to them in your local neighbourhood.

How to refer

Referrals via:

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