Trafford Women’s Voices Workshop

In a recent workshop, women from Trafford came together to attend Trafford Women’s Voices workshop.

The workshop provided a platform for amplifying the voices of women in our community, ensuring their perspectives shape local action. The event showcased examples and effective strategies for enhancing women’s health and wellbeing not only in Trafford but across Greater Manchester.

One highlight was the insightful presentation by Sara Todd, CEO of Trafford Council, who revisited the five priority areas agreed upon in December 2022. Sara shared the progress made in addressing these areas, emphasising tangible actions taken.

The workshop served as a valuable forum, allowing local women to engage with those responsible for designing, leading, commissioning, and delivering health and care services. This collaboration aimed to prioritise actions for systemic change and improvement.

Cllr Jane Slater, Executive Lead for Health and Care at Trafford Council, expressed the significance of hearing the lived voices of women. She noted, “Hearing the lived voices of women really brings home want we need to do going forward. This is one of the best opportunities to hear women’s voices around health and care.”

Berni Tomlinson, Community Engagement Officer at Trafford Council, appreciated the event’s success, highlighting the fantastic turnout and strong representation from relevant services. Her sentiment echoed the need for more opportunities like this in the future.

The Trafford Women’s Voices workshop not only provided a space for dialogue but also emphasised the importance of ongoing collaboration to address the health and care needs of women in our community.