Partington Parents Get Ready for School: Connecting Partington Parents and Services

The West Neighbourhood Network Action Group recently hosted a well-attended event at Partington Children’s Centre focusing on supporting parents and carers around school readiness for their children.

The event offered a great opportunity for parents and carers to connect with local services. These included Trafford Library, Trafford Team Together, The Hideaway, Partington Central Academy and TLCO Health Visitors, who all provided information, resources and giveaways.

Sue Blake, TLCO Head of Service for Health Visiting & School Nursing and a key member of the Action Group, highlighted the importance of the event:

“The whole team worked hard to involve the local community and it really paid off. Lots of connections and conversations happened. We also found out about what’s important to Partington families. A big thank you to everyone involved! “

The event connected families with important local services but also sparked conversations about school readiness. This is an important topic, as a child’s readiness for school has a profound impact on their development, academic performance, and overall well-being.

While Trafford boasts a high overall level of child development, some of our communities fall below national and local averages. This event aimed to address this disparity by showing parents and carers the support available locally to help their children thrive in school.

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