Breast Screening Returns to Partington!

We’re thrilled to announce the much-awaited return of the breast screening unit to Partington. This development marks a pivotal moment for our community with enhanced accessibility to vital healthcare services.

Gone are the days of inconvenient journeys to Trafford General Hospital for screening appointments which resulted in lower attendance and lower result rates.
From May 16th to June 28th, the screening bus will be stationed right outside Partington Health Centre. Women between the ages of 50 and 70 registered at either of the Partington Practices will receive personalised appointment letters.

Through proactive engagement, including discussions and awareness campaigns involving church leaders, health visitors, and café staff, the message is being spread throughout the community. Early detection is so important. Breast screening serves as a crucial tool in identifying cancer at its early stages, facilitating timely intervention and potentially saving lives. Moreover, the location of the screening bus is right on your doorstep offering convenience and ease.

As we celebrate the return of the breast screening unit to Partington, please let all eligible women know. Whether it’s a sister, aunt, mother, daughter, relative, friend, or neighbour, let’s ensure that everyone is aware of this invaluable healthcare resource,¬†ensuring that no one misses out on the chance to benefit from early detection and preventive care.

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