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Q1. When do we start to use ELMS2?

You may use ELMS to process equipment requests from 11:00am on Monday 18 September 2023.


Q2. When will user login details be shared?

All existing CES360 users will be shared their login and password details for ELMS2 between 5:00pm on Thursday 14 September and 11:00am on Monday 18 September. If you do not receive your credentials during this time, please contact a member of the ELMS2 team at the One Stop Resource Centre at mft.ELMSenquiries.osrc@nhs.net who will be able to help you.


Q3. I already have an ELMS2 account as I order equipment for Manchester residents using this. Can I use the same login to make requests for Trafford residents?    

Unfortunately, no. A new login will be required as although ELMS2 is the same, there is one site for Manchester and one for Trafford as they contain different data sets.


Q4. How will new starter access be provided?

Once the system is launched, new starters will be able to sign up from the homepage of the website. The One Stop Resource Centre team will then authorise their access the same day. Should any issues arise, please email mft.ELMSenquiries.osrc@nhs.net for help.



Q5. How will authorisation of an order happen and how timely will this be? Also, will there be any new documentation for authorised equipment items?

The authorisation timescales remain unchanged, and orders will be processed three times a week every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, apart from beds which are completed daily. The same paperwork also remains unchanged.


Q6. Who will the authoriser?

The authoriser of all non-stock (special orders) remains unchanged. It will continue to be the responsibility of the One Stop Resource Centre team. Alternatively, senior clinicians who have the authority to do so (will show within their account as they login) will be able to authorise orders for junior staff members or students.


Q7. What kind of equipment needs authorisation?

Non-stock orders (special orders) for equipment such as a specialist chair or bespoke shower seat.


Q8. Will we be using ELMS2 now for ordering chair or bed raisers?

No. Please continue to order these items via the Equipment and Adaptations Advice Line (EAAL). For their contact details see the Trafford LCO website.


Q9. Can profiling beds be ordered via ELMS2?

The process of ordering profiling beds remains the same. However, you can now download the bed risk assessment form from within ELMS2. Once this form is completed, please remember to email it to the One Stop Resource Centre at mft.admin.osrc@nhs.net for their consideration. If authorised, the bed will then be added to ELMS2 for delivery by the centre’s team.


Q10. Will all minor adaptations requests now need to be processed via the new system?

No. The process for requesting minor home adaptations such as handrails or grab rails is a separate system and remains unchanged. Details of how to request minor adaptations can be found on the Trafford Council website.


Q11. Sometimes a colleague may have already placed an order for a patient. Is there a way we can check to make sure we avoid duplication?

Yes, there is. If you go into client orders, you will then be able to check the client’s history.



Q12. Does ELMS2 have the option to book delivery slots?

Yes, for standard stock items only. However, staff members are advised to confirm the delivery date and location with the patient, their family member or carer first to ensure the timing is suitable.


Q13. Are there any next day or urgent delivery slots reserved to support critically unwell to end of life patients?

Yes. Please contact the One Stop Resource Centre by email at mft.admin.osrc@nhs.net to discuss your order if equipment is needed for these reasons.


Q14. We currently use ELMS2 in Manchester and if there are no same day or next day delivery slots available, we can send an email to request this. Will be able to do the same?

Yes. The One Stop Resource Centre will be able to hold a same day delivery slot. Just email the team at mft.ELMSenquiries.osrc@nhs.net request this.


Q15. For the Manchester patients, we book the next available slot and document that this is not confirmed, and for the delivery service to contact family to confirm dates and times. We also book all items as urgent, as the equipment is often needed to facilitate discharge from hospital. 

Unfortunately, as the One Stop Resource Centre has a much smaller team than the service in Manchester, all staff members are required to confirm the delivery with the patient, their family or their carer before placing the booking.


Q16. Will the One Stop Resource Centre contact patients automatically to schedule delivery? Currently, we add to the notes section details on who to contact to discuss arrangements with. However, we do often have to chase this up, as it is not done automatically when the order is placed.

You will now be able to directly book a delivery slot for standard stock items, but as mentioned above, you will need to confirm if the timing is suitable for the patient or their family member or carer first.


Q17. Will staff be able to have access to arrange collection of equipment?

Collection is possible. Where you would like to enquire, please contact the One Stop Resource Centre on 0161 549 6380 or by email at mft.admin.osrc@nhs.net to discuss.


Q18. Will patients be able to request their own collections?

Yes, this remains unchanged. Patients can call the One Stop Resource Centre team on 0161 549 6380 to make arrangements.


Q19. What does the ‘pre-arranged’ tab do?

The pre-arranged tab should only be used if the date has been confirmed with the person who is to receive the order. Select ‘yes’ if so. The One Stop Resource Centre team will then be able to filter where yes has been selected to meet the required date and avoid missed visits to the address.


Q20. Will there be a key safe and will drivers be allowed to use this for delivery if there is nobody at home to allow access?

Yes. This is an option.


Q21. We usually have a weekly delivery to Ascot House to replenish our satellite stock. How will we select a delivery slot for our restock, for individual patients? We would almost need an Ascot House delivery slot created on the system.

This is being added to the ELMS2 system and there will be a specific day allocated.


Q22. How do we order and book a slot for equipment to be resupplied to satellite stores?

Again, this option will be added to the ELMS2 system. However, there will be vans specifically for satellite store resupply.


Q23. Are there plans to utilise the messaging function within the system? For example, to communicate delivery information or problems with an order.

Unfortunately, not at present. However, this may be reviewed at a later date. The centre will continue to let staff know if there are any issues by email or telephone.


Q24. If you place an order for more than one item and something is out of stock, would this then delay the rest of the order from being delivered?

No. You can choose part delivery in the system. This will then allow for the in-stock items to be delivered and for those that are out of stock to be added to a waiting list and delivered when they become available.


Q25. Will we still have to request delivery slots for non-standard items like chair?

No. only for standard stock items only. The One Stop Resource Centre team will continue to book for non-stock items.



Q26. Can this version of ELMS2 be used to order equipment for Manchester residents?

No, this version of ELSM2 is only for Trafford residents. Please continue to use the existing ELSM2 system your organisation has in place for other area residents.


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