Trafford Women’s Voices

Continuing on from the very successful and high-profile Trafford Women’s Voices Conference held in Decemember 22, we are pleased to announce that we are getting ready to host another event on the morning of Wednesday 6th December at Stretford Public Hall.

Please click here to view the Trafford Women’s Voices 2023 Report [PDF approx 1.5MB]

Please click here to view the Qualitative Summary of the first conference [PDF approx 277KB]

This will be fully supported by all Trafford Council Lead members, Public Health, TLCO, and many Third Sector Organisations.

Again we will have the opportunity to bring residents and professionals together as equal participants, along with Commissioned and Statutory Health Service Managers and Leads. The intention is to hold meaningful conversations and discussions regards Women’s lived experiences within the healthcare sector, the inequalities and challenges they often face and the need for progressive change.

We are asking residents and professionals to come along to a session and find out more, get signed up to the pledge, and put names down for interest in the conference.

Trafford Women’s Voice Drop-in Sessions

We are running a number of introductory drop-in sessions for the West area in Partington. Please see the West Health Alliance Invite below for the remaining dates.

Women’s Power Pledge

Can you think of any Women who use your project, who are willing to anonymously share about their lived experience of challenges in receiving appropriate and adequate health care?

We are collecting case studies at the conference to narrow down the themes of discussion at the conference. This format will be available at the drop-in sessions and at your request.

Please sign yourself up to the Trafford Women’s Voices POWER Pledge: and return as detailed: Women’s Power Pledge RSVP [Word Doc approx 46KB]

For more information on Trafford Women’s Voices please email: